Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skin Care for the Athlete

Since the summertime has hit, I have been having more difficulty controlling breakouts. 

I sweat much more these days as my miles increase, my spin classes increase, and it is insanely hot everywhere I go!

So I consulted with my friend Larisa

Laris is an Esthetician at Trios Salon. She is amazing! She is sweet, kind, and caring as well as educated in her field. Click HERE to learn more about Larisa!

Here's what Larisa writes...

    • One of the main functions of your skin is “excretion” which is eliminating waste products or also known as “sweat”. As you are working out and producing sweat, you are detoxifying your body—which is always great! Because of this you need to take special care of your skin, before, during and after workouts.

      First, NEVER work out with makeup on. Your pores are opening to allow for the flow of sweat out, which means that things can easily get “in” them. The sweat will combine with the oil and makeup on your skin for a big mess that is a breeding ground for bacteria and breakouts. Remove your makeup before working out and prepare your skin with a spritz or blot of toner and a light layer of moisturizer.

      Second, during your workout you should have something on your skin. Especially if you are a sensitive skin person or you are prone to breakouts. Having a light moisturizer (Bioelements Oxygenation, Beyond Hydration, etc.) will protect your skin and will allow the sweat to basically “slide off” of it, instead of sitting on top of the pores and disrupting them. If sweat irritates your skin, a light moisturizer will help to protect and soothe your skin from the stinging.

      If sweat is like gathering up the garbage and putting it in bags and setting it on the curb—you need the professionals to drive by and remove it. If you let your trash sit out on the curb….well, we all know what happens. It is a similar to what will happen if you let that waste sit on your skin. So after your workout you need to cleanse! Remove that waste! You should use a cleanser appropriate to your skin type then follow up with toner and moisturizer. If you are in a situation where you cannot cleanse right away I would recommend a bacteria-zapping toner like the Bioelements Active Astringent, a favorite to keep in your gym bag for a quick post-workout blotting.

Keep you eyes open for another installment from Larisa!


Epic Fail said...

I sweat waterfalls. It's good to know that my body is so efficient at removing waste. But it's a bit disturbing to learn that I have so much waste in the first place.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have the SAME problem...I mean, we are in our 30's, why are we still battling acne?!!!