Thursday, July 21, 2011

Race Research

I've been researching my next race to get my training schedule down pat for the next month or so. Ok....really I've just been freaking out about hills the last couple of days and I'm slightly OCD. 

General Information
Marathon Name: Nike Women's Marathon
Official Sponsor: Nike
City: San Francisco
State or Province: California
Country: United States
Continent: North America
Start Location: Union Square

Event Specifics
EventsCourse Type: Road
 Maximum Elevation: 335 ft
Minimum Elevation: 3ft
Elevation Change: 332ft
Average High Temperature: 69º
Average Low Temperature: 51º

My two go to hills routines are a hills pyramid where I increase the incline every 1/2 mile until I hit 4% then back down. I do this for the set amount of miles for the day. OR I do hill repeats where I up the incline to 3% for a half mile, then back down to 1% for a half mile for the set amount of miles for the day.

Anyone have any other suggestions???

I am all ears!



Sockrma18 said...

So I wasn't freakin' out about the hills until I read your post. My TNT coach here in Des Moines all but pinkey sweared me that they changed the course so it's not NEARLY as hilly as it used to be. Yes, hilly, but NOT terrible. He ASSURED me. And he's a man so I do not think he'd lie to my face.

OMG, he freakin' lied to my face! He's a man! What was a thinkin' trusing him! :0)

1%, 3% blah, blah, blah....I don't get that. Maybe I'll just go to the local playground, kick all the kids off (tell them I hear the ice cream truck coming) and run up and down the's that for a hill workout?!?!

Now I'm stressin'....

Sockrma18 said...

P.S. A 92 year old lady finished the Honolulu Marathon last December. She's 92 and we are not. We could totally kick her arse.

Feel better? I totally do.


Olga said...

All the facts about marathons are really very impressive and a little bit terrifying. I wish you luck with everything.