Monday, July 25, 2011

Mom and Me Mondays start with a run!

I only had one client on my schedule today and she happens to be my very best friend of over 16 years. So I knew she wouldn't mind if Wes tagged along to our training session. I opted to keep Wes out of preschool today for Mom and Me Monday.

But first....I Run!!

I dropped off Wes at the Y-care center at the YMCA and hit the treadmill. I had 6 miles on my schedule.

The first two miles I spent warming up and working out the cobwebs. 
The next 3.5 miles I spent doing quarter mile hill repeats alternating between 1%-2%-3% incline.
I finished with a half mile cool down and then did some leg work in the weight room.

After that I grabbed Wes and headed to my appointment. We were the only ones at the Studio and Wes did a great job! 

Then it was FUN TIME!!

We went to Fun Plex and got the double park pass. A Full day at an amusement park and a water park!

We had a blast!
We played in the kids area and the "motion ocean"

The motion ocean is a large pool that has big motors that create large waves in the pool. It is super fun!

We rode down some awesome water slides!

We did the tilt-a-whirl, bumper boats, Ferris wheel, and more!

I even talked Wes into riding the "big" roller-coaster with me...

Was not his favorite fact he asked me not to go on it again. But he rode it like a champ!

We spent 6 hours playing today!

I might have to make Mom and Me Mondays and more permanent part of our week......I want to make sure I get to spend time with him while he still wants to spend time with me!

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