Friday, July 15, 2011

Triathlete Lab Rat Complete

I have completed the final section of being a lab rat. My last round consisted of a VO2 Max test on an arm ergo-meter....

This thing.

After the test, I got all my results. My VO2 max and body composition. 

I'm nervous about posting this on the world wide web, but all in all, I feel pretty good about the results.

I am 32 years old
I am 5'6" tall
I weigh 156 lbs

My VO2 Max is 45.1 which puts me in the"very good" category. The Intern looked up some numbers and I am in in 88 percentile.  All in All....I feel pretty good about that.

I have 18% body fat. The intern looked up more numbers and I am also in the 88 percentile.

That number puts me in the "athletic" category. I suppose I would like that number a little lower but honestly I am ok with it. I am a 36 D and enjoy having curves. I like feeling feminine, I love being a mom.  At this point I know I am in good shape and can keep up with my son.

Although I would like that nice tight tummy I used to have several years ago.....

1 comment:

tinajo said...

Haha, I´d love to have a tight tummy too - it will never recover but hey, it was for the best cause and I have 2 rascals to prove it! :-D

Great results!

I got the postcard just now, thanks! I´ll blog it tomorrow! :-)