Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend

So far we have had a good memorial weekend. We went to the LaVista Days Parade and had a BBQ with the Kendall side of the family. Today we went and saw the new Shrek and tomorrow we have a BBQ with the Jones side of the family. Got in a lot of family time.
We have been doing respite care for 2 girls this holiday weekend. First let me say that although I have girl is a whole other ball game changing a diaper for girl parts. It was really difficult for me to change a girl's diaper, it was just wierd. The two girls have been good, very sweet girls. It has been tough on Dave and I to go from one kid full time to 3 kids full time. WE feel like we have been run ragged a little bit.
Speaking of run...I grabbed a 3.65 mile run last night. Had to skip Saturday morning group run due to the girls but I hope to sneak in another run Monday night. Try to add in some more miles for May.

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