Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a good Memorial Day Monday, I am very excited to bust out my white pants ;) Just kidding, I still have to lose 5 pounds before those babies come out!! We spent a lot of time outside today, we took to kids to the park, put up the bouncy house, turned on some sprinklers, and had a family BBQ at my sister's house. Wes' skin is a little irratated from all the sunscreen I applied to him today. He is a pastey kid, it is an evil necessity.
After all 3 kiddos were asleep I headed out for an evening workout. I biked 3.75 miles through the neighborhood, followed it up with a 3 mile run, and finished off back on the bike for a 3 mile ride. 1 1/2 months till the triathlon, I have to start combining some events. I read in a magazine that combining two excerises like that is called "bricks". I will have to remember to look that up. So, tomorrow I am going to try to run and swim at the YMCA with Courtney.

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