Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Funny Feet and a Sleepy Sneak

I went to see the Foot doc today to chat about my random pain in "my good foot." I think I stepped on a rock during the first transition at the last triathlon. It felt bruised and then in the last two weeks it felt like a little pebble underneath my second to last toe....for the parents out there, "the one that had none."  So after a couple of xrays, it was decided that I irritated a nerve that splices between my two middle toes....the one that had roast beef and the one that had none. She thinks I came in early enough that it will be an easy fix.

Got an RX anti-inflammatory and this lovely concoction...

And I should be good in two weeks. I can still run and train as long as there is no pain during exercise and as long as I ice after every run. Good News!!

Wanna know what happens when your 4 year old wakes up before you and knows how to work your phone ???

You find pics of yourself sleeping flat on your face.

Good times....good times.


Julie said...

too funny! My daughter was snapping pictures of me yesterday and plugging them into a Fat App. Nice. I wouldn't be surprised if they show up on Facebook :-(

Olga said...

Be careful with sleeping flat on your face. It leaves creases from the pillow :)

Happy Frog and I said...

Kids eh?! Glad your foot will be okay with minimum hassle to yourself. Look after you. x