Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Triathlete Lab Rat: Phase 1

The University Of Nebraska Omaha contacted TEAM In Training asking is they knew any female triathletes who would be willing to participate in a study. The women had to have completed at least 2 triathlons in the last I volunteered.

The Rules:
2 tris in the last year
no workout 24 hours prior to testing after initial phase
gotta be a girl
free body comp and VO2 testing upon completion.

Phase 1: Running

So they take your blood pressure, sign consents, explain the test procedure, and hook you up to this crazy head gear. The mouth piece is huge....I have a big mouth so fit wasn't a drooling was the problem. Not a problem, just embarrassing.

Then they let you drool all over yourself while they test your blood sugar, set up the machine, and prepare to run the test.

Then you start.

2 min. at 3mph for a warm up
jump to 6mph for 2 min
jump to 7mph, they take your blood pressure while running and let you cruise for 2 min.
jump to 9mph

I lasted 1:30 at 9mph.....after 9mph then they start increasing your need for me.
I was fine slow turtle legs just wasn't feeling 9mph.

When you are done, they let you cool down for 2 min. and then test you oxygen saturation levels in your blood, test you blood sugar again, and your blood pressure.

Next week is the bike. They will do my skin fold measurements then as well.

Gotta remember to shave my legs for that one!

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