Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pure Awesomeness

We spent this past weekend doing LOTS of family fun activities! We went to Round The Bend's annual Testicle Festival.....yes there is a whole big party dedicated to eating cow balls. I will refrain from showing the pictures on the world wide web. After a couple of cocktails.....we were pretty funny!

After eating all the balls we could handle, we went to a really great fireworks show. Nothing says summertime like fireworks!

We took Wes to the Papio Days Carnival on Saturday and let him go crazy! He rode all the rides by himself this year! He is finally tall enough....and brave enough!

He even got his face painted like a pirate!

On Sunday I got in a great 7 mile run with TEAM-mates! It was hot and humid, and to be honest a tough run. There is no greater feeling than accomplishing something that is tough! It ended up being a great run with a great group!

SPEAKING OF GREAT!!! Another blogger....another Team-mate hosted a giveaway.....AND I WON!

JULIE writes a blog that I l-o-v-e reading! She chats about her kids, life, and she is a member of team in training.....on the coast. There are many miles between us but the world of running and the world of TNT makes miles seem less large!

She hosted a giveaway for Zaca Recovery Patch, it's a patch you use to prevent hangovers. Julie happens to enjoy wine, much like myself, and got asked to try these patches. She says they work pretty well. Brilliant! I have to admit....I am probably a little too excited to try them out.

All in all.....a weekend of pure awesomeness!


Julie said...

A testicle festival? I must visit!!
I'm so glad you won my giveaway! kids...family...TNT...running...wine...we DO have a lot in common. Do you drink red or white?

Happy Frog and I said...

Congrats on you giveaway win and also on having such a fun weekend. Glad all is going well. x

Nikki Kendall said...

In order:
Sweet Reds

DAMN IT....it's only 7:42 am and I'm craving a glass of wine!