Sunday, June 12, 2011


The best part about leaving my day job....TIME. I have TIME! I am not running all over town, hurrying through chores, grumbling that I need more help or more hours in the day. I have time. Granted I have less money, but wow....time is really priceless (I just hope the hubby doesn't mind taking over a couple more household bills starting soon). I have taken on several chores around the house that I am actually getting done. I am training a new client at my business and hopefully adding another soon. I have increased my hours at the Y and have gotten a raise!

Plus I have spent more time with Wes. Since he's 4....he still wants to hang out with me. I am so glad I get the opportunity to hang out with him while he still likes to hang out with me. I know this time is short, so I am so thankful to have this opportunity.

So far.....


We went to Jones' Bros. Cupcakes....that's right a whole restaurant dedicated to cupcakes! Too good!! They have a "cafe" as well that serves sandwiches, but's all cupcakes and coffee! Brilliant!

This past Saturday, Dave ran the Run For The Young, a 5K hosted by the foster care agency that we foster through. They hold a 5K to raise money to send kiddos in foster care to summer camp. It was a good turn out, Dave did well! Wes hung out with me and helped me set up a table for the business. I got to chat with a good group of people about my business....just getting my name out there!!
My running buddy ran too! She got a PR and took first place in her age group!!

On Sunday I ran 6 with TEAM In Training. I hosted a Sunday group run session and got to meet 2 new Team-mates! Fun stuff. It was the longest run since the Lincoln Half Marathon May 1 and my very first run since the Triathlon May 22. It went well and I feel good!

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tinajo said...

I wish I could stay home more, maybe one day... Sweden works in a totally different way - and there´s no SAHM:s here at all after the kids become around 2 years old. We have other perks though, so I´m not complaining (that much, haha)! :-)