Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy Bee

I love-love-love my new job! I am teaching several times during the week at the YMCA, just booked a personal training client through the YMCA, and have 2 new clients at my own business! I get to wear sweats and get sweaty----and it's smiled upon!
It has been a crazy week. I volunteered to pick up a bunch of classes as the sub fitness instructor. I think I panicked  a little bit when I left the desk job. I seriously haven't had the time to breathe all week! My body is sore and tired from so much exercise and I am deliriously happy about it! Next week will get back to a more normal schedule and I'll be able to breathe then. I have a large to do list for the house and the new business! Plus I have to start my own training for another Triathlon in July and a full marathon in October! Summer of 2011 is going to ROCK!

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tinajo said...

Sounds like you´re having the best of times - congrats! :-)