Monday, May 23, 2011

A Terribly Terrific Triathlon

It was cold. It was windy. The course gave new meaning to the word..."HILLS".

Before the start

So....due to the insanity of a triathlon in MAY, I borrowed my friend's husband's wet suit. A little big but it made the swim do-able. The water was in the mid-60's.....and so was the air temp.....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The gun goes off and we head in. It was so cold that when you put your face in the water it was reflexive to gasp....I choked several times. I plowed my way through massive amount of stringy moss and lake grasses and I survived the swim. The slowest swim I have ever done....but the key word is done.

Next we hopped on our bikes. We spent a mile on broken down brick and then hit up the most insane hills I have ever riden on in my life. My thighs burned and my back ached. Next up....running.

Hoped off the bike to run straight into a hill. Good times.....good times. It felt like I was crawling!!! After the turn around I stopped to roll out my shoulder due to a massive cramp. I told myself...just keep moving forward...and that is what I did.

Finally I could see the finish line. I looked up at the time and thought..."wait a minute...that can't be right. That is way too early for me to be done. It feels like I've been out here for 3 hours...."

I did my first Sprint Triathlon last year with a time of 1 hr 58 min.

My Official results for THIS RACE.......

Name: Nikki Kendall
Time: 1:48:57 Overall Place: 79 of 214
Place in Gender: 79 of 214
Place in Division F3034: 17 of 43

Swim: 24:47
Trn1: 2:48
Bike: 52:13
Trn2: 0:46
Run : 28:25 Pace: 9:09

I JUST GOT A FREAKING PR FOR MY 5K TIME!!! Not to mention I improved my sprint tri time by 10 minutes! Holy Hell.....I still don't think they have the results for the right girl!!

Me and my running buddy at the finish

I am not sure what happened. I have no idea how that could be my time. It was a terrific race and a terrible race all at the same time.

All in all I am pleased with my time and proud to be a part of the first ever Omaha Women's Triathlon.



Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

CONGRATS Nikki! Swimming in that temp sounds awful but you battled and scored a great time!!

Olga said...

Spectacular results! Congratulations! You deserve it; you've put so much into your training. GO girl power!

Julie said...

Great job!! WOOHOO!!!!! You did so awesome!

Happy Frog and I said...

Congratulations, that is truly impressive. Well done :-)