Friday, April 15, 2011

Tri Heavy Training Week

 I busted out my new Tri suit and did my first "brick" of the season. I did 1,000 yard swim followed by a 5K run on the good ole treadmill. Dave got me the tri suit for Christmas and I avoided trying it on because I thought it would be too tight. When I finally decided to try it on, it was actually a little on the loose side. I was nervous there wasn't going to be enough support in the chest for a run. It turns out the suit works great! It is a little loose in the hips but I think it will work fine in the bust. I will say that I felt incredibly naked in the suit!! It was very weird not to wear anything over or under the suit. I know that is what it is designed for....but it was wierd nonetheless.

 This Saturday is our graduation run. It is the longest training run before race day, for me that is 10 miles since I'm doing the half marathon! I am pretty pumped, I think I have the hubby talked into coming out to the lake to make pancakes for the team too! Such a lucky gal!

I ended up teaching 3 spin classes for this week. Not typically what I would do for graduation run week, but I feel pretty confident since I'm doing the half marathon as opposed to the full.

I subbed for a morning spin class this week. It was wierd being a teacher that early in the morning! The mic was broken too, so I had to yell. I do not have the sexiest morning voice either.....I actually apologized to the class prior to starting!

Two TEAM In Training coaches ended up being at that morning spin class. One the Triathlon coach and the other one of my coaches. It really made me nervous. Two reasons:

1. Subbing always makes me nervous. PLUS....The way I teach is totally different than the way the regular teacher runs her class.

2. They are my coaches. I felt like I hard to work hard....not push the class hard.....push myself hard. My coaches were watching.

It was still a fun class! I was dripping sweat and had a scratchy voice from yelling but it was fun.


Julie said...

Sounds fun. I'm so against going out into the rain and cold today, I'm actually considering sitting on a spin bike at the gym for 2 hours.

I've never worn a tri suit, but I might "tri" one this year :-)
I had a dream I received one as a gift from an anonymous person in the mail the other day. Ahhh...let the triathlon race day dreams begin - they get weirder and weirder the closer it gets to the big day :D

Olga said...

Since I'm not at all athletic, I really admire the people who are able to motivate themselves to take part in charitable sport events. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out!

Teamarcia said...

the tri suit scares hardcore. And it's so funny you thought yours would be too tight. Classic!
Have a great weekend!

Nikki Kendall said...

@ Julie: I get weird pre-race dream too!!

@Olga: I'm excited to see how it turns out too!!

@Teamarcia: The tri suit does seem super hardcore. It makes me want to work harder....don't want to be the girl who's got the gear and not the game!!!