Monday, April 18, 2011

A Gel Review and Fun Times Too!!

The world of endurance running has introduced me to a few things; toned legs, runner's trots, chaffing, the need for moisture wicking material, a runner's high, 26.2, and so on. I have got to experience some amazing things as a runner, whether they were pleasant (the finish line) or not so pleasant (the trots) 

Something that plagues all runners is on the fly nutrition. I have tried a wide variety of things....shotbloks, sports beans, gels, gummies, gatorade, cytomax, and on and on.
During my first marathon I chose to go with Luna Gummies and sportbeans.. Easy to chew, taste good, easy to carry. My grocery store stopped carrying those, so I had to start over for this race season. Time to research.

The results of my research:

I liked that taste of Shotbloks but the packaging makes them difficult to keep on your person, especially in the standard tight fitting running gear.

So I moved on to Gels. I tried both Powerbar Gel and Clif Shots

I decided to start with the recommended Chocolate flavors. I tried chocolate, java, and mocha.

The result:

Wes, a couple years ago, having his first oreo!
Not-A-Fan. The thick chocolate coats your mouth and won't go away. It plagues you for the rest of your miles. So I moved on to citrus, strawberry and "razz".

The Results:

 Clif Shot's Razz is awesome...
Because it really tastes like this...

Yes...a Jelly doughnut. It honestly tastes like the inside of a jelly doughnut. It doesn't coat your mouth and requiring the lip smacking that the others did. I actually LIKED this gel!

So I did further research into the Clif Bar Company. CLICK HERE 
I'm impressed. I think I can like the company as well!

Saturday the Lincoln Marathon TEAM had our graduation run!
It went great! We rocked our 10/20 miles and enjoyed a feast of carbs afterwards! This picture is deceiving. It was sunny but it was 35 degrees with 20 mph wind gusts. It was a tough run day! Our great TEAM In Training Coaches got us through and we are stronger because of it! It was nice only having 10 miles on graduation day, my second graduation!! My third graduation will be a 20 miler...I have committed to TEAM In Training to run the Nike Women's FULL marathon in October. I've already started fundraising!


Happy Frog and I said...

You are doing so well, what an inspiration!

Nikki Kendall said...

Hi Froggy~ I hear you are doing the same! AND doing it for charity!! GOod Karma my dear Frog!

chris mcpeake said...

if it tastes like a donut its got to be good for ya

Nikki Kendall said...

HI Chris: Agreed...I'll eat anything that tastes like a donut! Nice work on your crazy run!

AJ said...

You're on a run indeed! good job there n some nice tips although i dont know much abt the items u mentioned except a few.

Liked the post.