Friday, February 10, 2012

A Little Cabin Fever

Apparently Mother Nature remembered that is is supposed to be winter here in Nebraska. 

I think she decided to make up for lost time!

I've had to hit the treadmill and few times this past week. Some days have gone well...the last one did not. I'm starting to get cabin fever and my runs seem to be the first thing suffering. 


On a fun note....

Wes and I hit up the Omaha Children's Museum!

We played for several hours and then met up with Dave for lunch! It was a good time.

We are going to attempt an outdoor run tomorrow. Since the morning temp is going to be 1.....yes literally 1 degree, The TEAM will head out at 1pm. 

Wish Us LUCK!!

1 comment:

Julie Arts said...

1 degree????
Holy Moly!!!
How did it go?