Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Run Week

So, this week marks my first long run that required on of these....

We did 12 miles on Sunday. It went really well!! I had a really fun run with a team-mate and my legs felt great. 

Today I did my first tempo run of the season. 
Here's how I broke it down....

Warm Up: 1.5 miles at 10 m/m
Tempo: 3 miles at 9:20 m/m
Cool Down: 1.5 mile at 10 m/m

Our YMCA got new treadmills that are awesome!! They have a virtual training mode that allow you to travel through trails of state and national parks, it includes the incline of the terrain as well as lets you visually "travel" the course. The HD screen is pretty awesome. It gives you something decent to look at! It also gives you little tid bits of info about the course too!

Today I did my tempo run the the state parks of Utah. I virtually ran through canyons, forests, by rivers and streams. The incline varied from 0-2% randomly throughout the course.
 It is a great distraction and my 6 miles really went fast!

Another exciting tid bit from my life....The Pilates Center of Omaha is expanding their studio to include a "fitness" studio to hold a variety of classes that vary from Yoga to TRX to Kettle Bells and more. They have asked me to manage the fitness studio! I have been working with instructors to create a class schedule and working with the owners to build, design, and promote the new space! We are hoping to have our grand opening in the next 2 weeks and to kick off classes shortly after! 

Check out the website!

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Happy Frog and I said...

Well done, glad your training is going so well.