Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Disney Family Vacation

The Kendall's packed up and headed to Disney World for a 5 day family vacation that just happened to fall on Wes' 5th birthday!
We got a great deal on tickets that included  park passes, air, transportation, hotel, and food! 


Wes was so excited when we got there that he lost the ability to walk....he literally hopped down the entire length of the sidewalk up to the gates of the Magic Kingdom. Both Dave and I agree that moment was our favorite of the entire trip!

We met a ton of the characters so Wes could get his birthday autograph book signed.

We rode all the rides!! Wes even rode Space Mountain and loved it! I will say...we pushed him a little too far by talking him into riding the Tower of Terror with us....but that's another story!

We had silly family fun time!

We saved a couple of planets!

Saw some amazing shows!

And got up close and personal with some animals on safari!


It really is the happiest place on earth!

We swam in our outdoor pool every day, we walked miles on end, and truly got a full Disney experience. I feel very fortunate to have got to have such an amazing time with my two favorite boys!

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tinajo said...

Seems really fun - my boys would love that! :-)