Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Life of a Personal Trainer!

In case I haven't said it lately...I love my job! I love getting paid to workout and I love helping others achieve personal goals. 

Even better....I get to know people on a totally different level. Being a trainer, people tell you a lot about their insecurities, their aspirations, and their goals. I love getting to know people on a new level and seeing them achieve so much more than just fitness! 
It's about health, confidence, that little black dress, and feeling great

A big thanks to Jess over at blondeponytail for hooking me up with a Gymboss interval timer! 

I used it to do a Tabata workout with my client Mo...

Mo is a great client and has quickly become a good friend! I love working with Mo! She kicked some serious butt during this workout and I plan on using my new gymboss much more. After seeing Mo go through this workout I already have ideas on how I will tweak it in the future! FUN STUFF!!

Side note: I've decided to step it up a bit for the Nashville Marathon. I got the "level 2" training plan from coach today. It's a 4 cycle plan building endurance, working with lactic thresholds, race prep, and tapering. In other words...I plan of kicking some serious ass over this winter!

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Joseph said...

It's a great thing that you love your job. That means you put all the passion into what you're doing. I've met people like you at Personal Trainer Toronto, where I used to go for fitness working out. Helping people is great, it's a weird feeling, that you can do something about other people's problems.