Sunday, December 4, 2011

My newest obsession: Avocado!

Yup....I have recently become totally obsessed with Avocado! I love them! 
On Friday I made homemade guacamole, simple ingredients and super good!
Today I made breakfast burritos with eggs, bacon, pepper jack cheese, salsa, and sliced avocado....they were awesome. 

Avocado's aren't exactly super foods but they are low in sodium, low in saturated fat,  and cholesterol free.
There creamy texture allows you to use them in place of sour cream....which makes them a healthier option.

More tidbits on the avocado....

How to Select
Choose avocados with firm skin and no soft spots, firm but yielding to gentle pressure when ripe.
How to Store
Store unripe avocados in paper bag at room temperature. Refrigerate when ripe for 2-3 days.

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mommyrunfast said...

Hi! Just found your blog, and I am equally avocado obsessed. :) My toddler loves them too, so we go through them like crazy. I enjoyed reading through your blog!