Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nike Women's Marathon RACE RECAP!

The start line was a little on the chaotic side and honestly...pretty poorly organized.

But the course itself was BEA-UTIFUL! We had some pretty serious crowding issues where the course bottle necked and it forced everyone to walk. Not cool....not cool at all. 

They made up for it at mile 12 by handing out handfuls of these babies...

The finish line sucked. Period. End of story. They had us go through corrals and get scanned by a high school kid. Basically we were forced to come to a dead stop after running and wait for 8 other ladies to have their bib scanned. It was so crowded you could see any of the amenities, no food, not water, and no med tent in sight. Not cool...not cool at all.

But they made up for it by handing me one of these....

They also made up for it by letting me run with these awesome ladies!!

Me, Audrey (survivor), and Jen (tnt alumni)

They also made up for their lack of organization by letting us rock some serious bling!




tinajo said...

I´m glad they gave you some bling - I do hate poor organization...

Happy Frog and I said...

Well done you and what a gorgeous necklace. Are you going to write to the organisers and let them know of your concerns? Maybe that might help them next year. Again, well done and fab photos. :)